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Publisher: Mosul University

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Editor-in-chief: Professor Dr. Thanoo. Y. altaee

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Building an educational program for the development of Psychological courage among the students of Mosul University

Mosoliya studies, 2019, Volume 12, Issue 51, Pages 21-44

The research aims at building an educational program for the development of psychological courage among the students of the University of Mosul. To achieve this, the researchers designed(12) sessions based on multiple strategies and achievement of the objectives of the program as well as recognition of the effectiveness of the program. The researchers adopted a experimental approach in the design of the two groups (experimental and control) The sample of the program consisted of (52) male and female students who obtained the lowest average of (77.3974) which is less than the arithmetic average of the scale of (100) as they were divided into two experimental groups consisting of (24) male and female students and control group consisting of (28) male and female students after the parity between them The researchers have obtained the psychometric indicators of the program by presenting it to (18)experts. and after the completion of the final picture of the program was applied within the period of (4/3/2018) until (16/4/2018 ) and After analyzing the data statistically there were statistically significant differences between the experimental and control groups A number of Recommen.

Child Custody and Alimony in Mosul at the End of the Ottoman Reign Through records of the Shari'a court

Mosoliya studies, 2019, Volume 12, Issue 51, Pages 45-64

The study of child custody and alimony in Mosul at the end of the Ottoman reign through records of the Shari'a court is of the most important topics, which have not paid great importance from researchers and specialists, and the above-mentioned records represent main resources for socioeconomic history of the city of Mosul at the end of the Ottoman reign, especially the Shari'a court was the legal court to issue sentences to home who deserve child custody or Alimony. The research based on many documents obtained from that court. The researcher found out that the topic of child custody and alimony at the end of the ottoman reign has given a clear-cut vision about the natural life at that time

Mosul through Mark Sykes's itineraries

Mosoliya studies, 2019, Volume 12, Issue 51, Pages 65-87

Colonel Sir Tatton Benvenuto Mark Sykes, 6th Baronet (16 March 1879 – 16 February 1919) was an English traveler, visited many countries around the world on variety of continents, and focused his attention on the Middle East in general and Iraq in particular during the period 1899-1913, and published details of his travels in three books. As a Diplomat, his name is associated with the notorious Sykes–Picot Agreement (Signed at London on 5 January 1916), drawn up while the war was in progress, regarding the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire by Britain, France ,Russia and Italy .What of considerable important in Sykes' lifetime are his journeys to the East and his itineraries regarding Mosul and its towns and villages.

The displacement and it's effect displacement on family Fild study on Mosul city

Mosoliya studies, 2019, Volume 12, Issue 51, Pages 89-102

Family relationships have exposed acute disturbances due to emigration ;most families that found no she lter where as others stayed in emigration camps,othersresortedto relative houses. others whene to inhabit incompletedbuilings or some undestroyed barts of government al buileings.Thosefaimlies were obliged to endure many hardships such as poverty ,absence of provder and losing some family members when there is no complete security. In houses,where more than one family exists caused many problems among those families and reflected on the emigrated family members in general.

Proverbs and their role in the development of healthliteracy Analytical study of proverbs conductivity

Mosoliya studies, 2019, Volume 12, Issue 51, Pages 103-122

The humans is concerned with the prevention of diseases, in terms of trying to identify the causes, how to avoid them and reduce their effects, motivated by his desire to live healthy and well-being, because the disease hinders movement and weakens his physical abilities, and causes pain, and the disease hinders him from practicing his social activities and exercise his daily life And thus reduce the exercise of social roles assigned to it.
Attia The research sought to identify the role of popular proverbs in the development of health awareness and to identify the healthy health values contained in these proverbs, as well as criticism of a set of contradictions of these values.
Through the analysis of a set of proverbs of the same type, research through a content analysis approach revealed that popular examples played an important role in the development of health values and healthy health awareness in the society that produced them. These examples strengthened the values of physical safety and painted a model picture of the health behavior of the individual. Develop awareness of proper food behavior, And called for eating healthy meals, and identified the appropriate times for eating certain meals, and the amounts of appropriate food, and other health and fitness issues. As I have been critical of incorrect behaviors in a serious attempt to eliminate or modify them.

Hawajes Al –That and Sua'al Al-Buka'a

Ekhlas Mahmoud Abdulla

Mosoliya studies, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 44, Pages 75-96

This research's title (Hawajes Al –That and Sua'al Al-Buka'a) which tackles the poem of the poetess Bushrah Al-Bustani. It involves four levels:1.The questions and crying.2.The crying and the body's and nature's question.3.The crying and the mystic's question.4.The crying and the love's question.
The poem describes that there is a hard suffering when the crying and sadness are arising from the festival of communication whether upon creation or the human activity and this is the link which unified the title in this research and gives a comprehensive view which tell us that poem is developing during the time. It likes a human and describes the hardship via a crying questions in the folds of poem which involves dualities connected together and we can see it from its levels.
1.Expressing the humanity by natural.2.Expressing the humanity by civilized.3.Expressing the humanity by luminous.4.Expressing the humanity by spirituality.5. Starting to close the poem.6. Cohesion the longing with pain.7. The mystic enclose.

countenance of Productions at theater of the shadow play"a son of Daniel" exemplar

Ahmed Q. Yunes

Mosoliya studies, 2006, Volume 2, Issue 13, Pages 81-104

Employing this research to indicate features Productions (Theatre) offers imagination shadow of the son of Daniel Moussalli, We have tried to take advantage of the research, production techniques of modern features Alajarajeh determined that the work of the son of Daniel; Within levels (optical) and (audio), fit in the final method Jamali and knowledge are addressed with the audience about the essence of driving done (creative) without leave was in the midst of spaces interpretation; speech because the automatic son Daniel is all died ideas and mental movement relation, they are extracted by receiving mental images theatrical running Bhuas spectator engage mental components (experiences /information /expectations /mental and spiritual legacy... etc.), creating a world equivalent Lamah procedure on the one hand, The external compensation Lamah critical on the other hand.

The names of shops and markets and it's relation with the shopping and locative considerationswith referenc to Mosul city

Aubai Saeed Al Dewachi

Mosoliya studies, 2006, Volume 2, Issue 11, Pages 3-10

The present research looks at the nature and importance of retailing, major types of store retailing.
In Mosul city, many stores today cluster together to increase their customer pulling power and to give consumer the convenience of one-stop shopping. The main types of stores cluster are the central business and the shopping centre.
The research shows no link between the type of store and the nature of activities introduced by these stores.

The Islamic ideals and values of administration inMosul in early Islamic period

Hashem Y. Almalaah

Mosoliya studies, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 31, Pages 1-21

The research clarifies the Islamic ideals and values in administrations as legislated in the era of the prophet Muhammad and his orthodoxe caliphs, specially in there policy of administration in expanded territories as Mosul city.
The research concentrated on the study of the way of conquering Mosul, and the methods of caliphes to treat with its people according to the ideals and values of Islam

Problems of Mosul City Teachers in theCountry Secondary Schools : Feild study

abdulrazak S. mahmood

Mosoliya studies, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 27, Pages 143-170

The research deals with problems and difficulties faced by city dweller teachers in rural secondary schools. It aims at revealing those hardships from the social, economical and educational aspects. The research sample consists of (60) teachers from Mosul. In collecting data, the researcher used a questionnaire as a basic tool. The researcher came to some conclusions that most teachers suffer from domestic and economical difficulties. Domestically, they feel unable to perform their duties to their families. Economically, they can not afford enough money in paying the costs of transportation. There are also some problems, concerning their educational work.

Mosul in the books of travelers geographers in the fourth century AH / tenth century approach between Ibn al-Maqdisi and Hawqal

Idrees S. Mohamad

Mosoliya studies, 2008, Volume 4, Issue 22, Pages 73-96

The Islamic Thought wittnest important development in Geography . May Ibn-hauhal- in his book " Surat – Al- Arth " , and Al-Makdisi –in his book " Ihsan Al-Takasim Fi Maarifat Al-Akaleem " are the best sample in Islamic Geography thought . So that this research sheds linght on the conditions of Mosul according the methodology perception in the two books above .

The problems in performance in educational theater

Mohammad Ismaeel AL-Taee

Mosoliya studies, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 45, Pages 95-118

The current research details the problem in performance in educational theater and point to the importance of the performance and its rolls in educational theater even for children or professional .
The research include four chapters .the first included the importance and problem , aim ,limits and terms determination of the research ,the second chapters deals (the theoretical review) thought the (concept of the performance, educational theater) the third chapters talks about (procedures of the research) which include the results, conclusions, recommendation and suggestions .
One of the conclusion of this research is :
-The problems embodies with the children because they don't
Preparation themselves artistically for this shows.

The Effect of Instruction Program In Developing the Metacognitive Knowledge strategies of Mosul University Students

Nadaa F. Zedaan

Mosoliya studies, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 24, Pages 1-37

The Effect of Instruction Program In Developing the Metacognitive Knowledge strategies of Mosul University Students
D.Nada Fattah .
This research aimed to the effect of Instruction program to Improvement metacognitive strategies of the student The program contatius 8 Lessons applied in areality (2) lessons in a week .
The researcher reached , the Instruction program has a guiding effect in developing Metacognitive strategies and It was clear through Increasing which happened In the degrees of experiment group .

Summary translators aboutMousul's judges in Mousul and its districtsat the Abbasian age of 132-656 A.H/949-1258A.D

Ahmad Easmail Abdullah Al jbory

Mosoliya studies, 2006, Volume 2, Issue 12, Pages 89-110

It is shown that from this marked search "summary translators about Mousl's judges in Mosul and its districts at the Abbasian age of 132-656 H- 749- 1258 A.D). which is including historian sequence for Mousl's judges at the first,second and last age for Abbasian.
Abbassian Caliphs and since the first age,they cared so much about judgment position,and the judge has occupied social position. They were employed by the caliph directly,and their authority separated on ruler.

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