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Editor-in-chief: Assistant Professor Dr. Maysoon Thanoon al-'Abaychi

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The Shari'a Court Records as a Source for Studying the Markets of Mosul during the Ottoman Period

khalel A. murad

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 3-20

The records of Shari'a Courts during the Ottoman period forms an important source for the economic and social history of Arab cities during that period. This article is an attempt to clarify the value of these records as a historical source for studying the markets of the city of Mosul since the last years of the Jalili era 1726-1834 to the end of Ottoman rule in 1918. The article includes an introduction about the records and many topics deals with the names and characters of Mosuli markets and "khans", the commercial relations of Mosul, the types of dealings in the markets, the coins in circulation and the prices of some goods and products in the markets of the city during that period.

Mosul Preparatory School For boys 1908-1954Achapter in The History of Education and Learning in Contemporary Iraq

Ibrahim Khalil Al-Alaaff

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 21-54

The City of Mosul has Known the first preparatory school in 1895 and its pupils were no more than (34). In 1907، their number has become (242). When the building has been crowded، the authority in the city has decided to erect a new building and the land has been chosen (Now Al-Sharkyah preparatory school). In September، 15، 1958، the school has been opened and between 1908 and 1954، Mosul preparatory school has passed through four stages، and qualified managers have held its administration. They have their own role in promoting the school and its scientific level. The school has participated in developing school press. Its teachers have interested in school theatre and since its establishment، the school has a Significant national and Patriotic activity. This Paper writes down the history of this school before its name has become (Al-Markazyah School) in 1954. The history of the school is an important chapter within the history of education and learning in contemporary Iraq.

The Records of Mosul administrative council as a source of study the Mosul contemorary history

Thanoon . Y. Al. Taee

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 55-72

The Records of Mosul administrative council during the monarchy reign from the basic sources to study Mosul contemporary history in economic, social and finintial areas.
This research aims to give primary concept about historical value and the plenty of various materials which the records content. So no researcher in Mosul contemporary history can give up this materials in various fields which full up with numbers, Statistics, prices, names and places.

Uthman Bin Isa AL-Balti AL-Mosuli (died in 599 H)His life and the study of his poetry

Ahmad Hussein Muhammed AL-Sadani

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 73-106

AL-Balti، who was born in mosul in one of the most prominent figures of his time. He traveled to AL-Sham and settled in Eygpt during the time of Salah AL-Din bin Yousif. He was favoured by AL-Qadhi AL-Fadhil. He continued teaching in Cairo till his death.
AL-Balti tried to imitate prominent poest and succeded in that. His poetry was characterized by simplicity،easiness and rhetorical craftsmanship. His poetry which was collected from printed and handwritten materials is considered of the most truthful and important documents of his time.

Sociological Factors That Excute Sichological Diseases"The Depression exampler" (Field Research in Mosul)

Basema Fares Mohamed; Iman Abd Alwahab Mousa

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 107-140

Depression is one of the common deseases in the modern age. Hence forth, the aim of the research was identifying the most important social, economical, and political factors leading to its emergence besides the professional, familial, and social characteristics of the depressed persons. The sample included 12 case of the sick persons who are treated in the department of psychopathic cases in Avicena Hospital in Mosul.
Those cases were studied through the method of case study، and the devices of session and observation.
Through the detailed study of the psychopathic cases it was shown that most of the factors leading to that psychopathic case، depression were:
The financial problem.
The familial dissociation.
Failure at study and work.
The lack of housing.
The social values,habits,and traditions.
The wrong way of treating the sons,like the cruel way or the coddling one، and other factors that were ordered according to their significance.
According to the above results,we attempted to present some suggestions to avoid and lessen the occuring of depression or keep it potential in the individual at least.

Kinship’s relations of Telkeef

Hatem Younis mahmood; Mohamed mahmood ahmed

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 141-168

The sitezenship effected in Iraq society istitutions from half of this century that included the changes of family function and sitructure which effected on internal relations nature of family with its kinship’s relations in telkeef as a sample of Iraqe family.
This study deals with kinship’s relations of family in telkeef that had it changed or no that stayed as isit in its relations.
The researcher found that the kinship’s relations in telkeef are very stronge not as the urope family relations that belong to religious principle and social habits that made the families in telkeef changeble that deffers from vourpe family response.