ردمد المطبوع (Print ISSN): 1815-8854

ردمد الإلكترونيّ (Online ISSN): 2664-293X

Volume 2, Issue 11

Volume 2, Issue 11, Winter 2006, Page 3-141

The names of shops and markets and it's relation with the shopping and locative considerationswith referenc to Mosul city

Aubai Saeed Al Dewachi

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2006, السنة 2, العدد 11, الصفحة 3-10
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/moss.2006.6298

The present research looks at the nature and importance of retailing, major types of store retailing.
In Mosul city, many stores today cluster together to increase their customer pulling power and to give consumer the convenience of one-stop shopping. The main types of stores cluster are the central business and the shopping centre.
The research shows no link between the type of store and the nature of activities introduced by these stores.

The files of Mosul primary schoolsas source for studying education in Mosul 1948-1972(a comparative study)

Thanoon .Y. Al-Taee

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2006, السنة 2, العدد 11, الصفحة 11-32
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/moss.2006.6299

The research presents an image of Mosul primary schools inside and outside the city by throwing light on the historical importance of documents, files of those schools and what information they contain about the course and conditions of the process of teaching staff, the numbers of pupils and the supervisors' official reports who visited those schools and recorded their notes in this respect

The minister of Mosul Atabik Jamal-iddin Al-Asfahani

Ali Sultan

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2006, السنة 2, العدد 11, الصفحة 33-48
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/moss.2006.6294

يتناول البحث دراسة شاملة لشخصية تاريخية ذاعت شهرتها في العهد الاتابكي وهو الوزير جمال الدين الاصفهاني الذي ارتبط اسمه بمدينة الموصل، وقد اعتمد البحث على دراسة وتحليل النصوص التاريخية من اجل رسم صورة واضحة ومتكاملة لهذا الوزير يبدا البحث بمقدمة عن مدينة الموصل وبدايات ظهور منصب الوزارة ومن ثم التعرف على سيرة هذا الوزير وصفاته وأخلاقه حيث اشتهر بالكرم العجيب الذي شمل مشارق الارض ومغاربها، وجاء المبحث الآخر للحديث عن اهم المناصب التي تولاها جمال الدين الاصفهاني، و من ثم الحديث عن دوره في الحفاظ على استمرار الحكم في اسرة زنكي وأولاده من بعده من خلال التصدي لمحاولات الب ارسلان لانتزاع السلطة من ايدي اسرة زنكي، اما المبحث الرابع فخصص للحديث عن دور هذا الوزير في حل الازمة الخطيرة بين الأخوين (بين قطب الدين مودود ونور الدين زنكي) وخصصت المراحل الأخرى للحديث في رعايته للحركة العلمية وإكرام أهل العلم ثم تطرق البحث الى الحديث عن أهم إنجازاته العمرانية في مدينة الموصل والأماكن المقدسة في مكة والمدينة، واختم البحث بشح قصة اعتقاله وأسبابها ووفاته في داخل معتقله سنة(588 هـ). كما ضم البحث قائمة توضح اهم النتائج التي توصل الى البحث.

Privacy of Functioning the Popular tale in“King of Bridge and River”

Ammar Ahmed Al-Saffar

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2006, السنة 2, العدد 11, الصفحة 49-62
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/moss.2006.6297

Any literary text suggests its own structure. Accord to Roland Parth, if the written matter is a text and not a work, this is the case, for the work is a definite subject, as it is but a series of clauses within any book, i.e. the work is a production, whereas a literary text is an action within a book. Parth says “The difference between a work and a text, resembles that between production and productive activity”.
As to this final notion, my analysis of the story shall work. This is what I mean to prove after having applied analytic measures.
The story of professor Umar M. Al-Talib “King of the Bridge and River” is built on a Mosulian popular tale, which gives the story a first privacy, for the functional popular tale is a structure on which the author worked, after having freed it from its simple direct signification. The tale within the story gets its general frame out of its historical background, while gets its actuality after being injected with social and ethical signification’s as well as new artistic dimensions that gives the story another depth, that roots its movement from the first structure of a circulated popular tale, to its new artistic structure as a mature short story. Add to this, this popular tale grants the story a second privacy that can best be manifested throughout the narrative that functions a group of private Mosulian vocabulary, as well as the famous popular places and other appearances

The dramatical structure in the theater of imagination"Ibn Danyal typical"


مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2006, السنة 2, العدد 11, الصفحة 63-82
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/moss.2006.6296

The Drawatical structure is Known as a group of elements which the drawatical work consists of them , and which is judged by the definite relationships which are based on conce and effect among the events which constitute one ordered mode. It is the copability which carries all with the parts , since equipments which make the auther consitute and determine the work to the highest rank of the dramatical value. The elements of the dramatical structure have woked in the shows of Ibn Danyal on the principle of similarity to reality throughout comprehending the educational component which constituted (Icon constructions) in Ibn Danyal imagination. The shows of Ibn Danyal sorts have constituted serman which is on the contrary of reality in it,s two dimension , the political and social and he works on discovering the reality and stripping it , and stirrip up the public conscience against the authority actions and it,s awareness by opposite , and educating in the side which discovers on the aspects of falsity in the society at that time.
This research have shed lights on the activity of dramatical construction by the presentation of it,s elements in the icon constructions and (optical-acoustica) audiovisual costructions which can determined their importance in the consruction of the research paper which is was based on.
The icon construction in the first topic have worked as a mechanism in the theater which shows the imagination and dummies and it transfers these things to Icon concept since they depend or reference of their reality, from the other side the theater is based on the action in all it's shapes and especially that which contact with body (cater-or paper dummy). These abilities give the icon the free moves and activity in building its similarity relationship with the body by it conveying the point of view (special) which the author carries on the bench of theater or in the white screen.
However, the audiovisual construction, it is continuing which works on transporting the consignment between two systems of conversation: (sender/massage/addressee) and taking into account that (sender) in it is recognized in the property of being a series of techniques, means and mechanisms which work on transferring (meaning) to (addressee)-(man) whether he was sitting in the show place or hall or in his daily general life.

The Consumption Exhibitionist According to it's ranges and factors "Field Research in Mosul"

ebtehal A.adurahman

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2006, السنة 2, العدد 11, الصفحة 83-141
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/moss.2006.6300

This research tackles the subject of conspicuous consumption which is the image of the modern society with regard to the extension of its range and predominance over the subject interests.
The aims of the research are summarized as follows:
The acquaintance to the conspicuous consumption according to each field and explaining its each nature according to each factor.
The acquaintance to the most prominent factors which head persons to conspicuous consumption.
The researcher adopted the method of the social surrey through the device of the sample. The sample consisted of 200 subjects from Mosul City.
Questioneering، observation، and interviewing were used away of collecting data and information about the subject of the research.
The results of the research showed that the multiplicity of the fields of conspicuous consumption do not unify its nature; each field has its specific category.
The form of conspicuous consumptions in the fields of banquets and desire differs from that of the fields of feasts and presents in distinctive orders. As for the most prominent factors which lead persons to conspicuous consumption، it was the social factor.
It was shown that conspicuous consumption differs according to the change of the factors affecting it. The form of conspicuous consumption differs from its nature in to the security factor.

Student's political participations in Mosul University

Hamdan Ramadhan Mohamad

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2006, السنة 2, العدد 11, الصفحة 117-141
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/moss.2006.6295

This paper attempts to answer some questions related to the nature and the effecting factors upon student's political participations in Mosul University. The sample included (150) participants out of (4366) who conform the recorded students in 2004-2005, distributed on some humanist & scientific colleges of multiple stages.
For serving this purpose, the intentional sample method was used, where a particular questionnaire was given to the participants, it contained (19) questions. The research adopted percentage, mathematical medium, deviational criterion for analysis and description of information.
The conclusions shows that student's answers were the same in each of humanist and scientific colleges, there have also been a tendency towards the political participation for those inside the atmosphere of university more than those out of it. No obvious presence to the economic factor appeared, the same thing about the impact of social background. What was clear is the shaken confidence in public political atmosphere.
What attract the attention is the relativeness between the political participation of male and female students, thus the male have had a wider participation out the scope of university than the female, things were some how different in side it. The female share was bigger, despite of clear absence from membership of student councils, particularly if we knew; they enjoy a more freedom within the university borders.