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The Impact of Training Programme on the Development of the self concept at the pupils of the Intermediate School

Kamel Abdul Hameed Abbas

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2006, Volume 2, Issue 12, Pages 3-24

The cuurent research aims at investigating the impact of a training programme for developing the self concept at the pupils of the intermediate school in Mosul. The sample has contained (30) pupils that have been distributed into two groups namely the experimental group (15) pupils and the control group (15) pupils. The individuals of the sample have been chosen from Al-Rabe'e Intermediate School for boys. Moreover,the scale of self concept has been used after calculating its validity and reliability. Furthermore,the self concept developed training programme has been used. On the factor of statistical tools the t-test and person coefficient correlation have been used. The results have shown that there are statistical significant differences for the benefit of the experimental group after applying the programme for three months,therefore,the programme has proved its activity and the researcher has recommended its use in other stages of study.

The Effect of the Programme of Unlimited Tulent to Develop the Creative Thinking of the Students in the Institude of Preparing Female Teachers

Fatih Ablahad Fatohee

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2006, Volume 2, Issue 12, Pages 25-58

The aim of the study is to measure the effect of the unlimited talent programme to develop the creative thinking of the students in the institude of preparing female teachers. To achieve this aim,the experimental design of the even groups is used with the pretest and past test. Some variables are controlled like the time –age for the students,intelligence total and the study level of the parents. The sample of the study consists of (46) students,(23) student for the experimental group and equal number for the controller group. The Torans-test for the creative thinking verbalism picture is applied with the program of unlimited talent to develop the creative thinking according to Shilker 1971,which consist of five skills,planning,making decisions,prediction,communication and productive thinking. Five lessons are prepared for each skill with 20 meeting each one covers 45 minute also giving an example to the students with a home work. The program and the test has been verified by viewing to a group of experts and they agreed to its application. After the application of the program the conclusions declare by using the T. test,the improvement of the experimental group to the controller one in the past test which indicate the effect of the program to develop the creative thinking. according to the conclusions the researcher recommends:
1- Insert the programmers of developing thinking in the institute of preparing teachers and the secondary schools to teach students the abilities of thinking.
2- Training teachers to apply the program of unlimited talent in schools.
3- Providing democracy in the studing room to discuss the problems with an open mind and not by imposing opinions.

The Rise of the Scout inMosul 1921-1927

Thanoon . Y. Al Taee

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2006, Volume 2, Issue 12, Pages 59-74

Scout Spread in Mosul Schools until the early seventies of the twentieth Century. Any school in mosul could hardly be empty of scout group in it. Groups of scout used to begin their activities with flag saluting. Then, they would energetically move and Practise field and sportive games in groups. Abilities and skills would be activated in an atmosphere full of life. Hence, the research focused on the origination of Scout in Mosul, its aims, its purposes, its activities, its echoes during the research in which it few sources to go to.

The Club of Al. Hadba’a Girlsin Mosul / 1965 – 1967

Luma Abdulaziz Mostafa

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2006, Volume 2, Issue 12, Pages 75-88

According to the law of social structure women is considered a principal component of establishing the civilization.
A group of Mosuli enthusiastic women who were working for the field of education,established a club called Al – Hadba’a Girls in the mid of the 1960s decade. The name of the club came to express the respection of the club of the mosuli women and her social status. This happened when the social,cultural and political situation was in state of confusion,furthermore, there was women society or clubs during that period.
The research is divided into an introduction ,three sections ,conclusion ,appendix, and the list of references.
The introduction explains the reality of the Mosuli women during 1960s decade. The first section deals with the objects of the establishment of the club and the reason of its establishing,while the second section tackles the internal system of the club. It is divided into six sub – sections of the many items of each. They explain the name of the club its status and objects which aimed at raising the scientific,cultural,social level of the whole society women,and the revenue,the relationship between the main faculties of the club and the sub – faculties,the election and disbanding the club as well.
The third section tackles the special and cultural activities of the club,in addition to its attitudes of the Palestinian question and June disaster which were reflected by monetary and in kind donation for the Palestinian refugees in Jordan. Finally,this section deals with the faculty decision of changing the club to the Arab Women Society in the late of the 1967.
The research concluded that the administrational faculty had hold weekly symposiums in which they were discussion of different social,cultural,scientific,and sportive matters in addition to employ the women‘s gifts such as domestic arts specially sewing embroidery and philanthropic society. The club also had worked in the field of the healthy enlightenment directing and service consequently,it is worth mentioning that the club has realized a brilliant a achievements,and because a not able place for holding meetings and activities for the Mosuli Women which made the administrational faculty to come off with flying colours.

Summary translators aboutMousul's judges in Mousul and its districtsat the Abbasian age of 132-656 A.H/949-1258A.D

Ahmad Easmail Abdullah Al jbory

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2006, Volume 2, Issue 12, Pages 89-110

It is shown that from this marked search "summary translators about Mousl's judges in Mosul and its districts at the Abbasian age of 132-656 H- 749- 1258 A.D). which is including historian sequence for Mousl's judges at the first,second and last age for Abbasian.
Abbassian Caliphs and since the first age,they cared so much about judgment position,and the judge has occupied social position. They were employed by the caliph directly,and their authority separated on ruler.

The Effect of the Social Factors on the Formation of the Political Stands(A Field Study Within the City of Mosul)

Ali A. Khadher; Hamdan R. Mohammed

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2006, Volume 2, Issue 12, Pages 111-136

This paper tries to study the nature of political situation of citizens,plus the factors affecting it. The search included a sample of (150) participants representing the social classes of Mosul city in its different poor,medium and rich parts.
For this purpose,we used random class sample,questionnaire consisting of 18 items,percentage,mathematical medium,and deviational criterion for analyzing and describing the obtained information.
Among the significant results shown in this search is that 81 of the investigated people,that’s 54% affirmed that the individuals belonging to political parties,association,communities have an effect on their political stands. While 21% of about 14% didn't agree with that,and 48 of them that’s 32% agree with it relatively.
It appeared that 98 of the participants of 65% emphasized that the political news broadcasted via media affect on creating the individuals political stand. While 13 of them i.e. 9% did not agree with that. It became clear that 82 of the participants in the survey with 55% affirm that individuals involvement in the social centers play a role in establishing the political stands,while 27 of them of 18% don’t agree with that,where as 51 of them that’s 43% emphasized that the individuals interest in the political issues has an effect on creating his political stand,38 which is 25% of them didn’t agree with that. The search concluded with a number of recommendations related to the different sectors of society.

The Change of Economical Values of the Youths(1999-2005)(A Field Research Within the City of Mosul)

Ibtihal Abduljawad Kadhom

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2006, Volume 2, Issue 12, Pages 137-168

The materials need is very keen requirements of life, and concern as characteristic of human life especially in its economical side.
The society today gives the economic status an importance role in determination the social status of individual, which makes the individual looking after symbols in material life to inflect on his behavioral practices, so that the adaptation with social reality is a position imposed by now belonging requirements to the social and economic life. So we find the influence economic values and its role in determination of social act of individual, and the importance of value is varied as the value norms is varied also, according to the changes affected the social environment.
The aim of this research is a definition of the nature of values economic variation on youth for the period 1991-2005. The researcher depended upon the consequences of study which had been achieved in 1991 on the values changing on youth. It has been seemed of this research that there is horizontal changes represented by gibing a performance of official work, and also showed the changing in values of rapid gains by performance the job for gaining money instead of get education, the study shows also that vertical changes has been happened, when the political values came into front instead if economic values.