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السنة 3, العدد 17

السنة 3، العدد 17، الصیف 2007، الصفحة 3-205

The Poem Entitled (Waiting for Bombarding)By: Bushra al-Bustani: A Reading in the Tribulation of WarDr. Batul Hamdi Al-Bustani

Batul Hamdi Al-Bustani

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2007, Volume 3, Issue 17, Pages 3-28

This study represents a reading in the poem entitled (Waiting for Bombarding) by Bushra al-Bustani. The poet, motivated by poetic feelings, intends to reveal fear and depression which overwhelm the human being, especially when waiting for the oppression and destruction emanating from the tools of death invented by those who are interested in suppressing humanity. By fear it is meant that phenomenon which fragments to include what is alive and what is dead. After suffering from different gloomy experiences, resistance can achieve victory, the victory which emanates from the truthfulness of cause and man's determination to repress aggression. However the study concentrates on many techniques employed in the text including intertexuality, parallelism, and manipulation of language.

Story writers in Mosul

Omar M. altaleb

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2007, Volume 3, Issue 17, Pages 29-46

The First Iraqi novel “ Al – riwaya Al – Iqahiya “ was written by Suleimen Al – Faidhi in 1919. However writing stories during this period was not desirable، Hence، women avoided wrting it.
Even though، some young writers published many stories in Fata Al – Iraq journal in early 1960’s till Salma Salih has published her three fictional collections during 1961، 1963، 1975، when she issued her best stories in a collection of “ Tahawulat “. Safya Al – Doboni published “ Masalat Sharaf in Egypt.
Shuhaila Al – Hussaini published her stories “ Al – Dafin Bila Thaman “ in 1968 and her novel “ Antum ya man hunak “ 1972 and Manal Al – Sheilkh “ Insiraf Al – Tawabit “ 1995. But the short story in Mosul was not crystalized yet only in the collection “ Ramleyat Modawara “ 1995 by Wijdan Al – khashab who stopped writing after the occupation in 2003.

he significance of symbolin Bushra Al- Bustani’s Poetic Discourse

Ganem S. Hasan

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2007, Volume 3, Issue 17, Pages 47-66

Feminin litterature in viril societies is characterized by its distance from directness. It resorts other means of expressing emotion therefore , poetesses use symbols as an expressive means to enrich poetic composition.
In fact , Bushra Al- Bustani is considered as one of the outstanding poetesses of Mosul who makes use of the exactness of symbol in the structure of poetry.
The symbol takes two directions in her poetry namely the national and the natural symbols. The reader will immediately discover that symbol of homeland is dominating her poetry expressing comprehensive and longlive love. This style hides thing more than reveals.
As for the natural symbol , it is taken from the creative nature of her country expressed in a way which fascinates the reader. She succeeds in changing the silent nature into a living creature with whom she dialogues.
On the other hand , she treats time as a challenging element always revolting and relentless and never surrendering to dispair and loss

The Mosuli Woman and Child Care 1937

Wail Ali Al- Nahhas

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2007, Volume 3, Issue 17, Pages 67-78

Child care association was established in 29 Jan. 1937، at a time in which epidemic diseases like diphteria, T. B, typhoid، whooping cough and measles were the most dangerous and widespread diseases among the children of Mosul. The association had its own efforts through committees of health، sewing، publications and propaganda by collecting contributions،visiting and providing mothers and their children with medicine، clothes، milk، and sterilized towels asking them to follow healthy methods in child care. The association also succeeded in establishing a health centre on the first of June،1937 to treat women and their children. The doctors volunteered to treat them freely.

The Mosuli Woman and Waqf (Endowment)

Manhal Ismael Al-Ali Bak

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2007, Volume 3, Issue 17, Pages 79-100

The research aims at highlighting the status and the importance of the woman with regard to the people of Mosuli, for she is an essential pillar in the Mosuli society. The study sheds light on the contribution of the Mosuli woman and her creativity in the philanthropic projects of endowment and her prominent role in the human field. Many of the noble Mosuli women have taken part in establishing a lot of philanthropic projects in relation of endowment such as mosques, religious schools, libraries, houses, orphanages, public baths, inns and others. This was manifest in the Ottoman era and continuous until now.

The center values of mosulein women’s socialization

Khalel M. Alkhaledy

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2007, Volume 3, Issue 17, Pages 101-118

This study try to show the nature of mosul city, and concentrated the concept and the most important values.
Which dominated on the society of mosul, the study also recognized tow types of socialization.
One’s related to the male’s and other to the female’s in the frame of social organization of mosul society.

Reading Islamic belief poetry:Mahmoud Al-malah’s poetry as ecemplification

Ismaeel I. F. Al-mashhadany

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2007, Volume 3, Issue 17, Pages 119-144

Mahmoud Al- Malah is regarded as one of the most famous Mosul poets in the modern age because of his poetic talent and his artistic style. He began from the Islamic dogma. In this way he followed the Muslim poets who talked about certain subjects like universe, the world life and so forth. The research includes an introduction which deals with the poets life and the concept of Islamic dogma. It embraces study of the Islamic dogma from two sides: the divine discourse and monotheism.
Actually the Islamic dogma constitutes the most important poetic implication in Al-Malah poetry because it derives itself from Sunna and from Quraan a matter which makes it universal. It begins with divinity and ends with good man such a dogma implants faith in heari and tongue to be reflected in action and behavior.

The Reflect of Present Conditions on the Family Relationships(Violence Against wife)Field Study in Mosul City

Iman abd-alwahab mousa

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2007, Volume 3, Issue 17, Pages 145-188

The violence is considered one of the human phenomena, it is not an emergency state, but its, affect in society appear to economical, sociological, and political situations facing any society, which affect negatively on the family relationships, and dead to violence against whom a weak in the social power series (mostly the wives).
The aim of this study is to highlighted on such problem concentrating on using violence against wife and its types, and the period of this violence and the reasons stand behind the violence especially under the occupation extences of Iraq. The study also tries to compare the violence against wives before and after occupation of Iraq, by using comparative method and case study, as well as a questionnaire test, the study selected (12) cases as a quota sample from hospitals and courts to obtain the information regarding this study, and through serious, individually investigation, it showes that there is avoidance committed a giants wife, but this violence increased under the period of occupation, particularly, the way and means of violence, while such violence was in other means like abusing, now a days a body violence, like beating, so on, the study explored that the political factor came in the first reasons of violence against wife, where as this factor does not considered a matter earlier.
Lastly the study put on a few suggestions regarding the avoids ness of violence against wives.

The al – Inshah 1953-1954 study its contents

Thanoon Y. Al Ta

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2007, Volume 3, Issue 17, Pages 189-205

The paper is an attempt to study the al- Inshah news paper whish founded in Mosul in 1950. The news paper followed up the consecutive developmental processes in Mosul especially, in vital project, services, health, industry, administration and so on. Obviously, these processes reflected all important role which the Iraq government played increasingly in developing the different sectors in Mosul during that time.