ISSN: 1815-8854

السنة 4, العدد 19

السنة 4، العدد 19، الشتاء 2008، الصفحة 1-148

"Doctor Manahil Flayeh as aScholar of Arabic Rhtorics: Astudy in Her Book on AL-Sharif AL-Rathi"

Bushra AL-Bustani

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2008, Volume 4, Issue 19, Pages 1-30

The research paper attempt , at re-studing the achievement of the late teacher Dr.Manahil Flayeh. The paper consists five parts:
Part one: is an lntroducten to the book`s content , part two tackles the Writer`s metuvd in presenting the rhetoric writing of AL-Radhi. Her me tuvdin reviewing the tern , her metuvd in probing deep in to AL-Radhi`s evidunces and proof s from the Quraanie utterances and prophet`s sayings are bocussedon finally , the undusion sums up the bindings.

The Space in Talal Hasan theater"cyclone play" as a sample

Ahmed Q. younis

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2008, Volume 4, Issue 19, Pages 31-50

The research is aim to uncover efficiency the space of theater description intellectual concept In Talal Hasan theater, The problem of this research is to hide in reading the space theater, through reading "cyclone" play, the research is to be defined reading features which to prevent to intellectual indicative of for a space theater in "cyclone" play.
The research is to be formed from forepart which taking definition the space, and then the first level which taking the orders of expression bodily in clarification the act in a receipt space.
The second level is dualism in construction of space which not supposed the lingual text is a part of the text which can be translation it to playing exercise, but it is a lingual recording to possibility theater which formation instigated to the writing text.

The songs & dancing of children in Mosul(subject & significance)

Ali A. Mohammad

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2008, Volume 4, Issue 19, Pages 51-72

The problem of the research to hide in how to organization and returning establishment concept singing- dancing for children. The significance of the research to hide in reading the song dancing to children in Mosul.
The research to aim at uncovering from mechanism act the songs in the sample of lingual and how to taking with the lingual text to reaching to movement body. Then it is to treat in framework objective method in the following with (objectivity structuralism).
The research to straighten on dualism the objective and the significance, that to be sign to displaying value this research revelation on the level this songs to distinguish with children.
The research is to be specified with study the (poetry dancing and how song to children in mosul) inside the book (Saeed Al-Dawjy).

Study the effects of some combinations of building(And forms Cbakih)The minaret of the humpback and the impact on maintenance methods

Bassam M. Mustafa

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2008, Volume 4, Issue 19, Pages 73-88

The aim of the research is to study some structural constructions of the Al-Hadba minaret, and to link them with the lattice concepts،on which the atoms and molecules of solids are packed، for attaining their distinguished elasticity and hardness ،this as we think distinguish Al-Hadba minaret from other ancient buildings. The power of this wonderful geometrical establishment comes from its structural constructions،which uses the symmetry concepts، which forms the basis of the solid materials.

The views of teachers and students of the Institutes of preparation parametersTeaching in a democracy

Wasmaa S. suleman

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2008, Volume 4, Issue 19, Pages 89-116

The research aims at acquainting the opinion of the institutes of Female teachers training on the democracy of teaching. The sample of the research contained 50 teachers (both sexes) and 62 Female students in the institutes of female teachers training (Nineveh and Mosul).
The researcher used the instrument prepared by Rahma in 2004. This instrument has 24 items: 12 items for teachers (both sexes) and 12 item for female students. The validity was detected through exposing it to some experts in education and psychology. The consistency of the instrument was detected through the use of T-test, and its average was 80%. This average can be depended on –As for results, they include:
1. The opinion of the male teachers and female students was harmonious and correspondent and supportive to the democratic teaching.
2. Male teachers had democracy in teaching concerning receiving female students in their office warmly and apprehending their circumstances without violating justice and equality.
3. Female teachers had also democracy of teaching through their female students in their office and permitting them the freedom of expressing their opinion.
The research concluded some suggestions and recommendation and the most important ones include:
1. Administering a study of the nature of the demo crating life in institutes of teachers training and uncovering the obstacles of the democratic practice inside the educational institutions.
2. Utilizing the research results in spreading the democratic education and applying it the city schools (Nineveh schools).

(Visiting Holy Shrines and Mausoleums /Ummar Mandan Shrine as a Case Study) Socio - Medical Study

abdulrazak S. mahmood

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2008, Volume 4, Issue 19, Pages 117-148

This paper treats of a treatment by visiting holy shrines and mausoleums in rural society taking Ummar Mandan shrine as an example. It aims at identifying the most important social beliefs which induce a villager to visit the holy shrines. The research sample was involved "16" case.
The study depended on the historical methods and case study method. Interview and observation were the means of data collection.
The paper reach to many result , notably , the decrease of the education level and for like of healthy services make the villager resort to shrines and Mausoleums to Obtain treatment instead of hospital.