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السنة 5, العدد 23

السنة 5، العدد 23، الشتاء 2009، الصفحة 1-193

Intermediate school for girls in the second half of the twentieth century ( A study of the collected symbol in established stage )

Thanoon . Y. Al Taee

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 23, Pages 1-28

Intermediate school for girls in the second half of the twentieth century ( A study of the collected symbol in established stage )
Dr. Thanoon .y. Altaee

The girls teachers in Mosul in the half twentieth century a high role in established many intermediate schools for girls in and out Mosul city . we grant a big effort and faced a big problems to executive and educational we can to cross successfully in the frame work to inherence educational .

Bughyat al- talab fi ta’rikh Halab by Ibn al- 'Adimas an example of Cultural relationshipsamong scientists of Mosul and Aleppoduring Ayyubid period(579-658 A.H - 1183-1259 A.D)

maysoon T. alabayage

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 23, Pages 29-58

This research is not a review of the of Cultural relationships between Mosul and Aleppo. These relationships had their attributes such as geographical position of the two cities, and the political stability .Unlikely , if the city situation deteriorated, scholars would immigrate. by Ibn al 'Adims (660 A.H–1261A.D) Al Bughya reflects side of these relationships.The recounts of the book oblige the researcher to go directly to the book content itself , for the research scope is determined by al- Bughya .The research is concerned with one of the sides of relation which is represented by the scientific journeys among scholars of the cities in the Atdbegs of Mosul (521-660 A.H /1127–1261 A.D) and Ayyubids (579-658 A.H /1182–1260 A.D) in Aleppo
Ibn al- 'Adim played an elementary role in this relation through his meeting a great number of Mosul scholars of theology (fikah), literature, and history in particular. The meeting would be held in Aleppo and Mosul when Ibn al- 'Adim visited it for formal purposes or scientific. The research is an attempt at studying the nature of these relations between the two cities and their attributes. It also shows the role of the Ayyubid kings for their being a factor of attracting the scholars of their Age. and for their encouraging these scholars stay in Aleppo through establishing private schools for them to teach in them.

The Title in Wejdan Al-Kashb stories(semiotic study)

Ali Ahmed Mohammed Al Obiade

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 23, Pages 59-80

The research is reading the Title as a key to enter to the text, And it aim to study the (title) in a short story as a present sign in a front text, The research is care for structure the Title to reach for it semantics in Wejdan Al-Kashab stories texts.

Possible effects of satellite channels on social thoughtA field study on the students of the University of Mosul

Shallal Hameed Suleiman

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 23, Pages 81-116

This study aims at uncovering the possible effects of the satellite channels on the social thought of the students of the University of Mosul.
A questionnaire from was distributed to a sample of ramadomly selected (4350) students from six colleges at the University of Mosul.
The researcher has relied on the statistical bag of social scenes known as (SPSS), percentage ratio, arithmetic mean, normative deviation, Person Link, relative weight, KY square test as well as T test.
The researcher comes up with the conclusion that (97%) other sample students watch satellite channels for (2:20) hours per day on overage.
Arabic satellite channels were at the top of the watched channels, They are Followed by (49%) of the individual samples, Iraqi channels, however, ranked second being washed at a rate of (38, 6%) followed by foreign channels at a rate of (12%) watchers.
As for the programmers watched, religious programmers come first being watched by (68, 12%) of the samples, they are followed by news programmers at aerate of (56, 0%).
With respect to the possible effects of the satellite channels, however, the political effect comes First. It is followed by cultural Knowledge effect, As for the healthy, psychological, and economical effect, they ranked third, fourth and fifth consequently. The social effect, however, ranked the last but one while the religious effect ranked last.

Folk Medicine in Markets – A Field Study in Mosul City

Razaq Salah Mahmood; Abdal

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 23, Pages 117-152

The research treats of folk medicine in Mosuli markets and investigates how much its methods are spread in markets. Also it shows the reasons behind it’s the spread and the continuation of this phenomenon under discussion .
Also the research investigates the geo-ethnography distribution of folk medicine methods in Mosuli markets according to quarters of Mosul. The sample of the research involved (9) folk doctors and (30)patients who benefit from folk medicine in markets.
The researcher followed up an anthropology and content analysis methods in his study. Interview and observation were tools of collection datas .
The research found out that folk medicine ways in fields of surgery , drugs and spiritual treatment are spread in Mosul markets .Religious ,social, cultural and economical are stand behind the spread of folk medicine according to the sample`s opinions in a field study(patients and doctors).

The Consonantal /n/ in the Neo-Assyrian Language (911-612 B.C) :A Comparative Study

Othman G. Mohamad

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 23, Pages 153-172

The present study tackles the consonantal /n/ in Arabic and Assyrian languages which is followed by a consonantal letter. This /n/ is either an original part of the word or inserted to nouns, verbs, and prepositions whether it occurs initially, medially or finally. The issues related to this /n/ such as assimilation or pronouncing it as /n/ are dealt with. This is a comparative study one is only written and an heard while the other is written and spoken. The aim of study is to strengthen the links between the two Semitic languages, and to benefit from the Arab grammarians' studies in this respect for comparative purposes. As the neo- Assyrian language does not have a writing system. The derivation of the examples from the Assyrian language depended on the cuneiform texts and the vocabulary of the Glorious Quran. It was found out that there was great similarity between them as well as the similarity in the roots and linguistic phenomena.

(Abu baker ai-nagaash al-mosul :his masters ,his pupils and his writings)

Abd Aljawaad Salim Othman

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 23, Pages 173-193

This study tackis (Abu baker ai-nagaash al-mosul :his masters ,his pupils and his writings) by searching in the life of one of mosul's scientists.And knowing the outstanding masters who has got his knowledge from, amd those who have taken knowledge from him .Then gathening his writning in the different sciences, eithsr in the readings or in the explanations and other sciences So ,this paper is divided into three topics: the first one deals with getting acquaintance with his name ,sirname , his family name. The second toqic deals with those who has taken his knowledge from ,his oldage ,and his outstanding pupils who have taken knowledge from him.
And the third topic which deals with his important writinge which he has writted and which the famous references have carried for us.