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السنة 5, العدد 24

السنة 5، العدد 24، الربیع 2009، الصفحة 1-200

The Effect of Instruction Program In Developing the Metacognitive Knowledge strategies of Mosul University Students

Nadaa F. Zedaan

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 24, Pages 1-37

The Effect of Instruction Program In Developing the Metacognitive Knowledge strategies of Mosul University Students
D.Nada Fattah .
This research aimed to the effect of Instruction program to Improvement metacognitive strategies of the student The program contatius 8 Lessons applied in areality (2) lessons in a week .
The researcher reached , the Instruction program has a guiding effect in developing Metacognitive strategies and It was clear through Increasing which happened In the degrees of experiment group .

The Authority in Mosuli Folktales

Ahmed Q. younis

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 24, Pages 39-51

The research is treats of The Authority as a concept in Mosuli Folktales. It interests in uncovering this concept in popular narrative. The research also aims at analyses The Authority concept and reading the popular narrative which published in (Mosul popular tales) by Ahmed al-Sofy. Moreover, The research falls into preliminary and two sections. The preliminary treats the authority concept. The first Section treats Authority sending. The Second Section treating Authority reception.

The Encyclopedic ScholarKamāladdin Musa Yunusb. Man‛a al Mawsili (d.693A.H1242 A.D) (A study in his scientific biography)

maysoon T. alabayage

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 24, Pages 53-88

The research studies the prominent scholar Kamaladdin Musa b. M. Man'a and his scientific achievements because he mastered many sciences, especially the intellectual ones. His fame was quite resounding ,and hence many students were apprenticed by him. There upon, this research is an attempt to study the scientific background of this character, starting from his family, especially his father , and his move to Baghdad . After his return from Baghdad, he continued his study and it seems that he studied intellectual sciences like mathematics , geometry and astronomy .Later he became one of the most reputed of Mosuli teachers.
Although the historical sources , focused on his role in the field of the intellectual sciences, they did not give us information which parallel his fame except what is mentioned by Ibn abi Usaybi'a (d.668A.H1269A.D) who referred to some of his writing , presented, aside from one of his

The social position of folk alesA field study in Mosul city

Marah Muaiyad Hasan

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 24, Pages 117-139

The study is a descriptive and analytical . the field and samples were used to a chive a goal for the recognition of social position of fork tales in mosul community . Three axes were implied in this study : the knowing of the people of the concepts of folk tales the recognition of how much the folk tales existing actually in Mosulion families and the social importance of fork tales in community . The results bear both positive and negative indications as for as these axes were concerned .

Description in Ali Fahadi Stories: Analytical Study

Nabhan Hasson Al-Sadoon

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 24, Pages 141-172

The Muslawi writer, Dr. Ali Kamal Al Den Al Fahadi, lecturer of Islamic Literature at the College of Arts, Mosul University, is examined here for the coherent and artistic features that characterize his stories in addition to their poetic and sensitive language. They include eight stories published for the period 1999–2004 including: Light Mistress and the Original Horse (1999), Equities in Al Aqsa Sky (2000), Mistress of Towers (2001), The Depressed and the Prey (2001), Dhuhur Valley Angle (2001), River Teacher (2001), Horse and Banner (2003), Ox, Yard and Wrestling (2004).
Various descriptive passages are included in the stories. The study analyzes the descriptive texts and state their artistic and aesthetic dimensions and reveal their various significance. Thus the study consists of an introduction and four sections. Concept and functions of description and its relation with narration are stated in the introduction. Section one deals with description restricted narration through illustrating descriptive narration and description directed for description. Section two deals with free description through illustrating internal emotion, and event description, and event description. Sections three and four are concerned with classified and expressive descriptions through illustrating character, event, place and item description.

Values ​​in the children's stories between MosulAnd Aleppo (1970-2000)

Raeeda A. Alsarag

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 24, Pages 173-200

The relationship between narater and values needs to rising from self-
individuality to
objectively because the most of children's authors have totality conscious with importance values in child's life . But, the authors are contrasting in conscious of scientific nature for values , and they meant the ability of values on directing the child's activity and reflecting the reality who living in it . It is thoughts or phenomena for social conscious that the people expressing their reality and aims by it . The author is being on acquaintance and knowledge for ever with all high social values which Arab expressing their reality and aims in order to enable to put the values that is suitable for them .