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Publisher: Mosul Studies Center


Editor-in-chief: Assistant Professor Dr. Maysoon Thanoon al-'Abaychi

ISSN: 1815-8854

Professor, Hashim Al-malah and his Contributions in the history of the Arab Islamic civilization

Thanoon . Y. Al Taee

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 32, Pages 1-19

Addresses the scientific research proposals to professor Dr.Hashim Malalh and his contribution in the history of the Arab Islamic civilization, through its contributions to the ongoing issue at the level of historical literature and the dissemination of scientific research and attend seminars and scientific conference, all in the share more of various aspects of the history of the Arab Islamic civilization

Experience in drama plays Hanna Habash "Read the thematic"

Ahmed Q. younis

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 32, Pages 21-39

Try your search to work on identifying the experience drama in plays Hanna Habash being with multiple levels associated with the experience of the awareness of contemplative creativity, and is important in shedding light on the experience of drama in plays Habash, according to Ktatp the text, the research aims to reveal the structure of thematic in the texts, and identify research by reading Plays (Adam and Eve Comedy / Comedy Yusuf Hassan / Comedy Toiba) to Hanna Habash. The Search form in the boot, which read the address in the identity of Hanna Habash and the concepts of the thematic, addressing the first research environment text, which stood on the environmental authorities of the text, and address the second research professional writing, which dealt with the stylistic writing of the author

The Attitude of Al-Mufti Al-Sayed Mohammed Habeeb Al-Obydee from Political Developments in Ottoman State 1908-1918

Zaher Saad Al-Din Sheet Al-Bakri

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 32, Pages 59-85

paper handles the life of Mr. Mohammed Habeeb Al-Obydee (1879-1963) the Mufti of religious places at Mosul and this life was full of intellectual innovations existed in his books and reflected his style in writing in the fields of religion, history, poetry and politics. In addition, this paper deals with the attitudes of events happened in the Ottoman State like the Ottoman takeover, the Unionists and the role of European states in declaring wars against the Ottoman state in order to make it weak.
Therefore, Al-Obydee was one of those who stood against the plans of Europe which tried to destroy the Ottoman state and Islamic caliphate in order to keep Muslims under the west's control.
The paper spotlight on Al-Obydee's character being one of the pioneers of the intellectual renaissance and a state which has a great effect and how Al-Obydee has got attitudes especially during the final periods of the Ottoman state through his books which he had written.
The paper begins with an introductory on the life of Al-Obydee and his activities and then three themes, the first speaks about Al-Obydee's attitude from event taken place in the Ottoman state and his vision about the Islamic caliphat. The second is the Call made by Al-Obydee to keep the caliphate and to Support the Ottoman state As for the third theme, it deals with the wars of the Ottomans like the war of Trapoli, Balkan and World War I. Finaaly, the closing included conclusions of the paper

Communication technologies and their impact on social behavior A field study at the University of Mosul

Khaled M. Hamee; Jumaa J. Khalaf

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 32, Pages 87-113

Different means of communication between individuals according to the needs of the social attitude and reaction conditions, Vohmha language, whether heard or read, and then symbols and signs of civilization agreed. However, we recognize here the importance of these means and the need to contribute to the process of communication to the technology or mechanism to deliver them to the other party. And the march of human civilization bus are adequately prepared and inventions have contributed in one way or another in the process of communication between individuals as it brought the distances and Zllt difficulties in order to create the position of social allows individuals to interact with them, and then develop different attitudes, support for images link that gets them. The last century witnessed the information revolution that contributed to the finding techniques modern communications since all parts of the world has become close to each other thanks to these technologies. It was centered communication techniques to talk in the channels of many the most important of embodied technology, satellite broadcasting and the Internet and mobile phone, which has affected and effectively in the behavior of individuals, to the extent to elaborate on this behavior as a result of the changing patterns of interaction, and then change the picture of social relations, to coincide with the trends and social attitudes of members of the community.

social life after retirement A field Study on retired people in Mosul city

Marah Muaiyad Hasan

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 32, Pages 115-133

After the official working in a government office for a long time ,the state servant send to retirement according to has demand or by reaching the tetirement age.After this stage he starts to practice a different social life which maybe absolutely new.To know the nature of that new life that the retired person practice ,and the deferencec between dender and age ,the researchcomposed a sample of retired persons of Mosul city

Ethical Contents of Popular Mosuli Tale A Social and Analytic Study

Najlaa A. Hamed

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 32, Pages 135-153

The folk stories in general and specially the mosulian one express a simple philosophy in slang language far from exaggeration in which the comprehension of the simple human of life is a primitive comprehension during his research on adaptation with reality , his desire to fulfill the peacefulness and stability , elevation of ethics and resurrection of the conscience . The pillar of this philosophy is a considering of virtue as an eminent purpose , that must reach it by all realistic and imaginary ways . This philosophy doesn't lack brilliance and cleverness . It has an ability to affect indirectly on the social organization and construction .
So these mosulian folk stories held tradition , customs , and believes that organize the behavior of the group and individual in their daily life in relations , hostilities , struggles , and love as the human beings themselves .
The mosulian folk stories cover different aspects of life , the mosulians view at existence and his dealing with all surrounding things that affects good or badly on him .These folk stories direct the daily life path for society in a guided and customary signs simplify solving quarrels and fulfill the reconciliations .
The researcher dealt with this study to know the treatment style of the mosulian folk stories on the ethical aspect in the daily life of the Mosul society . Thereby , these folk stories have a trainer role of the mass and individual behavior in critical way in negative aspects on side and consolidation of the positive aspects on other side.