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السنة 9, العدد 39

السنة 9، العدد 39، الشتاء 2013، الصفحة 1-189

Mosul Counties and Biographies in Qalaa'id Al-Juman by Ibn Al-Sha'aar Al-Mousilli (654 H/1256 A.D.)

yousif G. jabo

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 39, Pages 1-44

Biographies of this research are related to many towns and villages in Mosul. For instance، Sinjar and Al-Bawazeaj had the superiority over all other towns due to the large number of biographies of prominent figures found there. Several other biographies of many town as Sallamiya، Qubaissa، Baashiqa، Bartella، Dowela'a، Einsefni، Bawshnaia، ، Bomaria and Gunisiysa had also been mentioned by Ibn Al-Sha'aar whose reports in this regard had a great historical importance in terms of the scope of the towns or the biographies.
These biographies amounted to Forty three، distributed on nineteen towns in Mosul. Through these biographies، Ibn Al-Sha'aar exceeded many historians of that age. He was the closest historian and writer to his age biographies which contained types، professions and crafts. Moreover، his field data exceeded t written ones recorded in books، documents، and notes.

Judge of Mosul Abu Ja‘far Al-Samani A Study in His biography and Scientific Activity

maha saeed hameed

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 39, Pages 45-66

Mosul has been famous for its plenty men. Abu Ja‘far, the judge, was the first of the newcomers how came to Mosul city, and later became belonging to It. He died in (444 A.H/1052 A.D) .Abu Ja‘far, in addition to his famous for his job as a judge, he was also well-known for his scientific status in hadith , fiqh ,and theology (kalam) till he became the students' destination .His news reached to al-Andalus, and of his students the famous judge, Abu al-Walid Sulayman al-Bachi al-Andalusi (d.474 A.H/ 1081 A.D ) and others of student who mentioned in the research

Al-auqeelyiah Emirate in Mosul and its role to con Front Buyhids (380-447A.H./ 990-1055B.C.)

Wgdan Abdul-Jabbar Hamdi; Omar Ahmad Saeed

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 39, Pages 67-88

Emirates appeared in Iraq, namely, in Mosul and one of them is Al-Auqayliya Emirate, which undertook facing the Buwayhins because they dominated Mosul after they passed through Baghdad in (3340A.H./ 945B.C.). They dominated the Caliphate capabilities and finished Al-Hamdaniya Emirate in Mosul. Al-Buwayhins paid a special attention to Mosul and their aim was achieving two motives: the first was political to expand the borders of their state after they dominated Persia and Karman. So that, they thought in joining Iraq including Mosul into their properties. The second one was economic in that the Buwayhins showed an interest to get a good share of Mosul trade because its geographical position. This matter had caused a resentment by Al-Auqayliya Emirate which did not accept Buwayhin’s penetration in Mosul issues and occupying it. Finally, this lead the situations to become worse between Buwayhins and Auqaylins and a struggle broke out between them.
The study includes two branches: the first included the origins of Al-Auqaylins and Buwayhins. The second one included the role of Al-Auqayliya Emirate in Mosul in fronting Buwayhins.

Abdelilah Mohammed Hassan Adil Bashir Hatem And their role in promoting the sports movement in Iraq

raad A. ameen

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 39, Pages 89-122

The military establishment in Iraq is behind many achievements made in sports movement. Since the foundation of the Iraqi Army in 192, the military leaders have focused their attention on physical fitness which is taken as an indication to soldier’s efficiency. This view has positive effects on sports movement. A great role was played by those who practiced sport and graduated from physical education colleges. They successfully dealt with many sports topics and issues. The role played by Mosulian military leaders are clear and effective through their assuming administrative positions, leading and training local and national teams and achieving many victories in all sports circles.
This research takes two examples to reflect all the mentioned roles and achievements. The examples are represented by two pioneers in Mosulian sport; they are: Abdul Ilah Mohammed Hassan and Adel Basheer Al-Hatim

Vocational Training : reality and prospect A Social Field Study in the city of Mosul

hasan H. abed; hareth H. ayuob

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 39, Pages 123-150

Vocational training is an essential element in providing individuals with the necessary experience that enables them to attain work opportunities in addition to polishing talents and developing them. In many countries , there are specialized centre for vocational training and Iraq is one of the countries that established centre in many governorates ; centre related to the ministry of work and social affairs.
The research tries show the status of the vocational training centre in Mosul , and endeavors to put forth a developing horison so as to participate in making the center better through the recommendations and suggestions that the research would propose.

Internet contributions to the development of scientific culture for teaching the University of Mosul

Marah .M.HASAN

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 39, Pages 151-189

The research show role the Internet of the scientific culture for university professor and how turning to Internet , showing the obstacles to use the Internet and explain negative and positive factors take into consideration professors of Mosul University sample for study, particularly in the electric-learning and scientific research as one of the most segments of society dealing with scientific culture on the one hand and with the internet On the other hand. Among the most prominent results that professor was taking benefit from the Internet's information and culture, while he has weak role in providing his information to others by the Internet.