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Volume 9, Issue 41

Volume 9, Issue 41, Summer 2013, Page 1-230

Event in the stories of Persia Saad Eddin alsardar

Nabhan Hassoun Sadoun

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 41, الصفحة 1-24

The choice of narrator (Fares Saad Eddin alsardar(a field of research to include the short stories of artistic techniques knit to a large extent therefore studied this research (event) in his collection of short stories tagged with (light on the edge of darkness) to read the analytical detection dimensional functional and aesthetic of the event and the development of semantic that resulted.
The search at the entrance and three sections. Ensure entrance defining the concept of event fiction and then a summary of the life of storyteller and his production literary, and in particular Section I study (initiating event) in terms of the types: initialization alhakaey, and initialization descriptive, and initialization Apostle, and start-up scene in the while ensuring Section II study (based event) in terms of the types: sequential Building, construction and interoperability, and parallel construction, construction ring. The third section came to study the finale event in terms of the kinds: Conclusion newsletter, and descriptive conclusion, summary and conclusion, and the conclusion talk shows.

Poultices and Nature of Their Uses in The Assyrian Medicine


مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 41, الصفحة 25-56

Style of poultices is considered one of the important styles which the discovered cuneiform texts relevant to the medicine showed its use by the Assyrians in curing and treatment of many disease cases. According to these texts, this style of medication although it represents one of the distinguished styles in the work of physician (Asû) ; it seemed that it was using also by the practitioners of medicine like the priests, proceeded by the (Ašipu) who saw that the disease is made by the gods with their will, they were dominating the demons and evil spirits causing disease on human being who committed ignominious sins against them, or they violated their sanctities, and divinities which they viewed that they lead to the discontent and anger of the gods.
At the time in which those texts showed that most of poultices which the physicians used, were being prepared mainly from medical materials extracted from their botanical, animal, and mineral sources, then that the percentage of the amounts and their types were different as to the difference of the diseases nature and the need of them. Thus, those who are responsible for medication, the priests, used as well-amulets, incantations, and the other magical materials which were aiming at, according to their views, consolidation of those materials to expend the ghosts and demons causing disease to the patient.
Using such kinds of remedy can not be used mostly fixing the poultice on the pain spot keeping it for all the time of treatment.
Moreover, most of those bandages used for this purpose were made either from the cloth or from flax, wool or leather.
The relevant medical texts clarified that the style of poultices was using in the Assyrian medicine for curing various diseases from the beginning of the head until the two feet.
For its importance in treatment, it continued to be used across generations until today. Therefore; we find that many disease spreading out our society are treated by using this style on the medical and popular levels that indicates to its importance and effect positively in terms of curing and megation of pains from which the patient suffers.

The Mosuli traditionest Ibn baz d.(622AH/1225AD)

Mohamad Nazar Aldabbagh

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 41, الصفحة 57-88

The research aims to identify the one scientists Mosul, Abu Abdullah Al-Hussein bin Omar bin Nasr ibn Baz al Mosuli d. (622 AH / 1225 AD) who became famous with the knowledge of Hadith study and instruction and a statement role in the service of this science Galilee, who was always seeking the request urges paced to meet Senate in different cities, which contributed to the consolidation of culture, religious and studied his senior scholars of his time, has gathered together modern science love journey to seek knowledge, as well as practicing the trade, and though he did not leave us a book written by himself, but he wrote for himself beautiful line version of the book (great history) of Imam Muhammad bin Ismail Bukhari (T: 256 AH / 869 AD), which is one of the precious manuscripts preserved in Turkey, particularly since it was a good line and practiced copies of books until the end of his life.

The Social Repercussions of Cancer on Patients' Families A Social Field Study in Mosul City

Abdul Razak .S. Mahmod

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 41, الصفحة 89-120

This paper aims at studying conditions of cancer affected patients' families, and defining the psychological, economic and healthy effects on the patient and his family. The research's sample was on purpose and regulated. It focus on studying nine individual cases in Mosul, The researcher principally depend upon interview in collecting data and information.
The results of the investigation showed that there were some patients, who infected with cancer, suffered from psychological defeat, compulsory obsession, anxiety, tension, and disturbance. Moreover, they are also suffered from high cost of treatment, chemical and nuclear medicines and its scarcity in hospitals. on the other hand, the disease created a kind of solidarity, and social cohesion among the patient's family, and led to support the patient healthily, psychologically and socially.

The Condition of Education in University of Mosul from the point of view its teachers and students A field Study

Hanaa Jasem AL-Sabaawee

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 41, الصفحة 121-166

the research aims to identify the condition of education in university of Mosul according to some opinions of its teachers and students by using questionnaire as means to collecting data on the research sample which consists of (150) individuals. the sample divided into (50) teachers, and (100) students. the research showed that there is a deterioration in level of education in Mosul university, in many fields according to the research results.

Visual pollution in the city of Mosul (A study in geographic contamination)

Nashwan M. Al Zaydee

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 41, الصفحة 167-186

This search aims to study the problem of visual pollution in mosul city. Which of the most important problems which face this city . this pollution occur as a result of a various human activity , which lead to distortion the aesthetic land scape with in city , and that the continuation of this problem in this direction will threaten the physical future of city . so this problem must be addressed firmly and seriously , whith re- evaluation and study of the social , cultural and scientific effects which play an active role in the physical development of mosul city .

Teaching difficulties of measurement and evaluation in preparation institutes and teachers in the city of Mosul

Wsmaa S. Sulaiyman

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 41, الصفحة 187-230

This study anms at identifying the problems of teaching measnrement and walyation in the teacher training institutes from the teachers and students perspectives. The sample of the stndy consists of nine teachers of measarement and evaluation in four institntes.The sample of students conists of one hundered female and male stndents of the fonrtg classes in the teacher training institute in mosul.The researcher adopted the questionnaire asn tool for achieving the two anms of the stndy.Pensons correlation coefficient،the assumed medium ،and percentaye weight were statistically used for analyzing the data.The study concludes.The teachers'are teaching.The teachers' focus on the theoretical side of the material disregarding the experimental one. Teaching the material by non -specialist teachers.The use of outdated questions in testing students The lack of developing courses in teaching.NP The students' problems include، the rarity.l sources and references.the in corres pondencs hetween the length.l questions and the time allowed The lack of clarifying the clarity as for the purpose of the faught material.