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Volume 9, Issue 42

Volume 9, Issue 42, Autumn 2013, Page 1-200

Poet Fishing and expulsion in Mosul Argosh Osman bektash Musli (d. 1222) model

Ahmed Hussain Muhammad AL-Sadani

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 42, الصفحة 1-30

The research study argosh poet Osman bektash Musli (d. 1222), hunting and expulsions carried out by Suleiman Pasha, to Galilee and his companions, including fishing by birds and animals, hunting by firearm, showing where the poet the of connector, female pleasure and hunting areas, and the types of fishing and birds and animals hunted, recipes and fishing methods with a beautiful hair style free of language errors and expressive and the prosodic, taking advantage of the Holy Quran and poets and heritage, which argosh unique frequent means used to catch many birds and animals, The historical and cognitive aspect, with interesting view on argosh exceeded a hundred and twenty

The effectiveness of the conflict in the painting Fine Dr. Adel Said Mr. & Ahmed Mafraji the model

Ahmed Q. Younes

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 42, الصفحة 31-54

Running the search to read a function of the conflict, as an effective tool in painting Fine, refer to interrogate the text plastic, as is the importance of reading samples to highlight the implications that refer to the (conflict) at the plate, as readable text and interpretation, and deals with research samples local, from the city of Mosul, (Dr. Adel Said) and (Mr. Ahmed Mafraji), lecturers at the Faculty of Fine Arts / University of Mosul, as stop searching when Fine indicators, which referred to a function of the conflict in their paintings, as well as indicated by convulsions for themselves.

Dramatization popular tradition "Reading in plays (Haile Rarmana) Talal Hassan"

Ali Ahmed Mohammed al-Obeidi

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 42, الصفحة 55-72

Although many different writers playwrights who dealt with the heritage and the substance and forms different, the one cannot be overlooked, that there are characteristics and markings in the text theatrical distinguish between a writer and another, there are those who contend with popular tradition as historical material still lacks the "dynamic events" and the effectiveness of influence, there are those who contend with this article as attitudes and constant movement contributes to the development and change history.

The Impact Puppets Theatre in The Development of Language Skills for Kindergartens Children

Aaisha Edrees Abd-AL-Hameed AL-Kallak

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 42, الصفحة 73-114

The present research aims to know the effectiveness of Puppets Theatre in the development of Language Skills for Kindergartens Children. To achieve the aim ,the researcher chosen the preparatory stage in the Al-Firdous Kindergarten in the City of Mosul and chosen two division : (A) to be the control group using traditional way without Puppets Theatre, and (B) to be the experimental one using Puppets Theatre. The researcher selected (28) male & female children in each group. The researcher achieved equivalence between two groups in multiple variables as: age (in months), parents educational level, the order of child in the family , the pre- test of Language skills , the numbers of child`s family & intelegence).The researcher has prepared test of Language skills, characterized with reliability and stability calculated using pre - post test and it was made of (25) items ,and applied it on the sample of research. statistical tools were used to analyze data. The results were as follows: There is a statistical difference sign between both groups of the post test in the light of these results ,the researcher has submitted anumber of recommendations and suggestion.

The Thresholds Poetics in (Ontha Al-Moden) Novel`s For Huseen Raheem

Baan Salah Al-Deen Mohammad

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 42, الصفحة 115-132

The research study thresholds text of the novel (Female cities) to Hussein Rahim، a novelist of the sons of Mosul، the hunchback As is known، thresholds text or attachments text is what takes the text، which is the key procedural key used by the researcher to explore the depths of the text is deep and includes thresholds: Addresses basic and subsidiary، and the name of the author and the boot، and provided، and the painting the cover، and if the money the old was not given attention to the Annexes to the text. The modern criticism began to focus on molecules literary work and its relations with internal and external making everything that surrounds the text part of the text illustrates the goals and motives of creativity. Hence، we found that the title of the novel (Female cities) with sub-headings and the name of the author and gift worthy of study and analysis as well as the panel cover and Hute of icons and the author's name remained and spaces blank to determine the intentionality Results of the novel، in dealing with issues of social، economic and political to a certain city at a time.

A Personal bookcase in Haditha al- Mosul a Comment on the text of the book (al-Fihrist) by Ibn Al-Nadīm

Mohamad Nazar Aldabbagh

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 42, الصفحة 133-152

This research tries to shed light on the personal bookcase belonging to one of the of the unknown scientists of Haditha al- Mosul, and recognizing the cultural value of some of the manuscripts and old papers which found in this bookcase and wrote by a number of renowned scientists in linguistics and Arabic grammar, poetry and Hadith, who lived mostly between centuries (2-4 AH / 8-10 AD) through an important text in one page contained in the book (al-Fihrist) by Ibn al-Nadīm (d. 380 AH / 990 AD), which this study will try to analyze and comment on after the definition of the most important words of the text.

The Jurist Mohammad Ibn Abi AL-Faraj Abu AL-Ma'ali AL-Mosuli (d. 621 A.H./ 1224 A.D) A Study in His Scientific biography

awi; Hanan Abdulkhaliq Ali AL-Sab

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 42, الصفحة 153-174

The research aims at studying the scientific biography of the jurist Abu AL-Ma'li AL-Mosuli (d. 621 A.H./ 1224 A.D.), in which he mastered in the generous koranic sciences especially the readings, honorable speech, and Arabic language, even he had compositions in these sciences as in: (AL-Durr AL-Marsuf fi wasif Mkharij AL-Huruf), (AL-Ma'yar lee a'ouzan AL-Asha'ar) in prosody and (Nubthat AL-Marid fi Ilm AL-Tajwid) in readings.
This paper treats of abu al-maalis date of birth in Mosul, and his study at the hand of the venerable sheikhs in it, in iddition to his journey to Baghdad, and his meeting with the, the great famous languist of Baghdadi one who is called Kamal AL-Dean Abu AL-Barakat AL-Anbari by whom he studied Arabic science.
Then, Abu AL-Ma'ali became a lecturer in AL-Nidhamia school, and for his fame, a lot of shekhs of Baghdad learnd at his hand.

The Phenomenon of Beggar Children (Social field study in the city of Mosul)

Reem Abdulwahhab Ismail

مجلة دراسات موصلیة, 2013, السنة 9, العدد 42, الصفحة 175-200

The Phenomenon of beggar children is one of the most dangerous phenomena which have tragic effects against younger generations in our society . After the American occupation , this phenomenon has been spread in Iraqi society. Some of children rights studies indicate that the begging has been increased lastly as well as the number of vagrants within the wars in a way their number exceeded than 100 thousand of vagrant children in Iraq according to the statistic of humanitarian organizations . Therefore , it is necessary to children rights organizations to do hard to rescuer and save those children . This phenomenon has been increased due to unemployment , the lack of security , poverty , diseases , the absence of parents and the problems of family , all these mentioned factors led to the appearance of "begging" in a way the vagrants spread through roads , alleys and traffic intersection . Finally , we can consider beggar children as victims of these miserable conditions , they bear the burdens of work instead of having their rights of good life and studying in the school.