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السنة 10, العدد 43

السنة 10، العدد 43، الشتاء 2014، الصفحة 1-224

Mosul in 1909 by Wilkie Young (critical Study)

Thanoon. Y. Al Taee

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 43, Pages 1-36

The research deals with to readers to the report of the deputy British Council in Mosul 1909 for the social conditions in the city of mosul and including of irregularities and ignorance of the nature of the components of society, his judgments are wrong and contradictory to reflex intolerance writer and lack credibility. Should be critiqued by scientific objective and down to the scientific facts.

Development of Sport's Movement

Raad H. ameen

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 43, Pages 37-70

Physical fitness and education is regarded as a basic part of the military fitness since alongtime. A fact that led officials in the security forces in Iraq to regard sports activities as part in training programmers in their units and formations. Sporteducation is still practiced and followed in these establishments and any developmentoccurred in these establishments reflects to sports. This research sheds lights on the security forces sports directorate in Ninevah and the sport development it witnessed as well as the big role the police athletes played which resulted in the big victories they achieved in their participations in many championships since1967 until 2003 when Iraq was invaded by the American troops. To achieve this study the researcher depends on the official documents and the personal interviews with many athletes and sportmen who represented Mosul police teams in the championships held in Mosul and the other Iraqi cities and towns as well as what has been issued and published in magazines and newspapers. The research studies different games practiced in Ninevah police as well as some pioneers and the great sport individuals who played a great role in the field of sports.

Educational discourse to Ghanem Hhmoudat in the postmodern stage

eman Abd al Hamid Mohamed

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 43, Pages 71-106

Scientists and advocates of Mosul speech educationally successful made him the means of reform , including Ghanem HAhmoudat which is active as an advocate and educator virtuous, an advocate and educator, possessed the ability rhetorical influential in terms of style, approach and choice of subjects, has focused in his speeches the educational issues of social, moral and realistic touched social strata in different time spread the behaviors and ideas, theories and challenges brought about by Western modernity is not commensurate with Islam as a religion and ethics, so sought Ghanem Hmoudat to formulate his educational according to data renewed worse through the school or lessons that were given by the young Brotherhood of building an elite educated sticking to faith and religion.

Place in hakmat silage of stories

Nabhan Hassoun Sadoun

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 43, Pages 107-136

I was chosen by Musli ruled in favor of a field of research to carry his collection of short stories (waiting for the festival) of a coherent artistic techniques to a large extent. This consists of the stories of sxs stories written between (1970-1985) are: (waiting for the festival /1970) and (and doubts lover odd /1971) and (not disheartened Vsahvy / 1971) and (Satan avenge himself /1985) and (and left alone /1985) and (combustion /1985) interested in the writer place especially the city of Mosul, so this came to study the place through the analysis of narrative texts and a statement artistic and aesthetic dimensions and detect signs that emerged from.
The search at the entrance and two sections, ensure entrance define the concept of place fiction to put perception, which is held by the analysis, which included the first research study (geography) in terms of public space / special place and a natural place / Where the industrial and place the open / closed place while singled second research study ((installation place) where, pet / hostile place, and historical place / real-time location, and location playwright / cosmic place.

The first european editions of the book al kamil fi al-tarikh by Ibn al-Athir (died 630A.H/ 1232A.D) Tornberg edition model

Maysoon Thanoon al; Abaychi

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 43, Pages 137-174

The book entitled: al-kamil fi al-tarikh by Ibn al- Athir was paid a considerable attention by the Arab and foreign researchers together, whereas the orientalists are regarded as of the pioneers who interested in this book because it dated the period of crusades included by the book al-kamil since their invasion the Levant in (490A.H/ 1097A.D) until (628A.H /1230A.D) whereas this period was full of the events of this invasion which was paid a considerable attention by the orientalists .undoubtedly, it reflects the Islamic viewpoint towards this invasion .
The first edition of the book al- kamil was issued by the investigation of the orientalist called, Tornberg (1807-1877A.D), depending on many manuscripts of this book scattered in the European libraries such as the library of Upsala in Sweden ,the National library in Paris, the British museum. It can be said that there is no independent study about the manuscripts and their nature depended by Tornberg in his investigation of the book al-kamil . Herein, the importance of the research emerged to know the manuscripts on which this orientalist depended ,which their descriptions, and the location of their existing.

The form and the signified of folk poetry who make in Mosul (Al-zheary as a sample)

Ali Ahmed Muhammad

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 43, Pages 175-194

Composed the poem popular formats signified distributed between formats related to practice daily through the mechanisms of language are aligned or offset from the path of neutrality, making it viable to convert to ringtones popular heroes people and things and the substance of the language daily and Living, and has achieved correlation between the structure of the text and structure of significance.

Family Uprising and its Role in Enhancing internal social uprising control, for the Sons from the view point of parents field study in Mosul City

Safanah Ahmad

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 43, Pages 195-224

The following research aimed at revealing the role of the family uprising in strengthening internal social disciplines for the sons according to the culture of Islamic society made through recording social standards in the conscious and feelings of the individual .The research included three parts the first deals with systemacticality of research explaining field procedures of the study. The Second part deals with family and social uprising the third part finally deals with the results of survey and their analyses which indicates that family have a positive role in uprising , strengthening inner bonds of sons and finally put a number of recommend and relevant suggestions .