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Ninevah kura and its division during Islamic period analytic study of its architecture

Yousif Jirjees Jebbo

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 44, Pages 1-30

Ninevah kura was one of the most important administration center. This incluedesa large number of villiages and group populations which broght a large in com to the center. Yakoot said that ninevah architecture and business were the most benefitiat. This paper has somehistorical places and discussed many historical texts dealing with ninevah architecture.

Administrative and Economic Aspects in Mosul Through the Book (Qala'id Al-juman)by Ibn AL-Sha'ar Al-Mausili

Huda Yaseen Al-Dabbagh

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 44, Pages 31-52

The research deals with the administrative and economic aspects in Mosul through the book(Qala'id Al- juman Fi Fara'id Shu'ara Hadha Al-Zaman)by Ibn Al-Sha'aar Al-Mausili.In spite of this book specialized on literature and poetry,it indicated to those aspects,whereas the functions diversified as:jurisdiction,composers bookcasing,financial functions,and ete.As to the economic aspects,Ibn Al-Sha'aar mentioned lifeways,professions,and works which`the people of Mosul were practicing to get their livelihood such as earning by poetry,weaving, scribing and ete.He also indicated to the economic state of the personality he wrote its biography.

The fictional rhythm in the "Hurrricane andminaret" Novel An analytical study

doon; Nabhan hassoon Alsa

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 44, Pages 53-74

The Mosul writer (Emaduideen khaleel) has been chosen to be the topic of the research of the coherent artistic techniques his novel entitled the (Hurricane and the minaret) in forming regular and rhythmic relation ships between the events of the novel and its
Characters ،places and times such that the form and the content are tested under the auther's ability to form precise and continuous
Relationships by means of logical and explanative techniques There fore, the research emerged to study the(fictional rhythm) in terms of analyzing the related text and displaying its artistic and objective dimensions as well as revealing the aesthetics of the rhythmic of or motion
The research was based on in introduction and tow topics .The introduction has included defining of the concept of fictional rhythm Topic one has been dedicated to examine (the rhythm of the fictional elements)in terms of the event،the character and the space.

Hawajes Al –That and Sua'al Al-Buka'a

Ekhlas Mahmoud Abdulla

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 44, Pages 75-96

This research's title (Hawajes Al –That and Sua'al Al-Buka'a) which tackles the poem of the poetess Bushrah Al-Bustani. It involves four levels:1.The questions and crying.2.The crying and the body's and nature's question.3.The crying and the mystic's question.4.The crying and the love's question.
The poem describes that there is a hard suffering when the crying and sadness are arising from the festival of communication whether upon creation or the human activity and this is the link which unified the title in this research and gives a comprehensive view which tell us that poem is developing during the time. It likes a human and describes the hardship via a crying questions in the folds of poem which involves dualities connected together and we can see it from its levels.
1.Expressing the humanity by natural.2.Expressing the humanity by civilized.3.Expressing the humanity by luminous.4.Expressing the humanity by spirituality.5. Starting to close the poem.6. Cohesion the longing with pain.7. The mystic enclose.

The Health Situation of inmates of Badush Central Prison in Mosul An Assessment Study

Abdul Razaq Salih Mahood

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 44, Pages 97-134

This research May be regarded as an attempt to shed on the health situation of inmates of Badush Central Prison in an assessment study, and its aim is to clarify the negative health sides of the inmates and their treatments, in addition to definite the positive health sides and support them.
The research sample was a random sample, composes of (300) inmates, and the research bases on questionnaire and interview as a main methods to collect data and information, in addition to some informants, who work as employees in the prison.
The research comes to the conclusion that there are many factors have bad impacts on health system of the inmates of the prison, such as anxiety, fear, desperation, smoking and high humidity, in addition to narrowness of the prison's wings and crowding. The research also brings to light that there are many positive health things like cleanness, good nourishment, and sports.

The disturbances of work in the small projects A field study to industrial area at left side in city of Mosul

Marah . M. Hasan

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 44, Pages 135-166

the research dealing with the commercial, industrial and services small projects in city of Mosul and identify it real work, Explain the trouble at this locations during time work because trouble of work that will reflected on the process of development negatively, the research included three point, firstly to explain the methodical side, secondly to explain the effective factory at work of small projects and third point focus on the field side of research

Social accommodation in the dormitories field study in the the University of Mosul

Dalia tariq abid alfatah

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 44, Pages 167-184

The research deals with social accommodation as a significant phenomenon of interrelated scope that represents one of the important aspects that concerns human existence. Man is a social creature who is endowed with the ability to deal with different conditions including living in dormitory. This residence gather individuals of various social and cultural environments.A new style of life is established in dormitory that necessitates accommodation to surrounding conditions and to lead a balanced and socially agreeable life while the student completes her studies.The research aims at detecting the range of social accommodation in dormitories. To achieve this aim, the research was divided methodologically and theoretically into equal parts in addition to a field study that used a questionnaire given to female students. The research came up with the following results: Social accommodation usually has different levels in females' dormitories.