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Editor-in-chief: Assistant Professor Dr. Maysoon Thanoon al-'Abaychi

ISSN: 1815-8854

Establishment a branch of Iraqi biology society in Naynawa (documentary Study)

Thanoon .Y. Al Taee

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 45, Pages 1-18

The research deals with inductiveness of biology in naynawa, the efforts were made for it's establishment since 1972. with scientific activities and educational seasons by mentioning its members within the period (1972-1975) which witnessed diversification of this science and educational activities with blockbuster to badge the society by most of the university lectures.

Information of Ibn Jubayr(d. 614 H./1217 A.D.) about the Mosul ,Analysis Study

Taha Khudeir Ubaid

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 45, Pages 19-30

The research attempts to shed light on the information given by Ibn Jubayr in his Rihla .He introduced valuable information regarding history and geography which he derived from his personal observation. He took his information from precise sources , from pilgrims and trade men living in Mosul , and from the pilgrims of Morocco who passed through Mosul in last years ,Besides , the information were taken from his field observation of the city. Thus , his precise information constitute a historical and civilized value

Mohammed bin Ahmed Al_Mosuli Who was Called Shu`lah (d. 656A.H/1258A.D)A Study in his Scientific Activities

Mohamad Nazar Aldabbagh

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 45, Pages 31-52

The current research has attempted to highlight on the life of a scientist from Mosul, He is Mohammed bin Ahmed Al_Mosuli who was called Shu`lah (d. 656A.H/1258A.D), this is one of his famous nicknames, showing his contributions & scientific activities in Mosul city in spit of his life was so little no more than 33 years, but he could get various sciences learning and teaching. So he was proficient in Qur`an sciences, Arabic language, grammar, philology, literature, poetry, history and so on, composing different books, thus he produced in abundance, although some of them had lost, but we can get so many of them, therefore, we can find his books distributing in many libraries of the world with more than one written copy. His well known book "Sharh-Shu`lah-ala-Shatibiyah) under name (Knaz-almaani-fi-sharh-hirz-al-Alamani), in the science of Qira`at, is considered his most famous books, absolutely.

Al-Tusi's Family and Its Role in the Scientific Movement in Mosul

Huda yaseen Al-Dabbagh

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 45, Pages 53-70

Al-Tusi's Family and Its Role in the Scientific Movement in Mosul
Lect. Dr.Huda yaseen Al-Dabbagh
AL-Tusi's familyis regarded as one of the scientific families known in Mosul .the members of the family of al-Tusi were known and specialized in several fields ,especially in the field of religious sciences ,specifically in jurisprudence ,and narration of the prophetie speech. Also they were distinguished in judication ,literature ,and poetry .For the science and knowledge Al-Tusi's had ,many of the students of science like the jurisprudents, relators, imams, judges ,and grammarians inside Mosul and outside it.They specialized in the field of oratory in the city of mosul whereas they were orators for Al-'Ateeg mosgue in Mosul itself, and the member of Al-Tusi's family inherited this position for long period of time, then ,the name (Mosul's orator ) became concomitant for some of the.

Al-Yunini (D. 726A.H./1325A.D.) and His Approach is Studying the Biographies of the People of Mosul in His Book (Dhail Mir’at Al-Zaman)

Hanan Abdulkaliq Ali AL-Sab; awi

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 45, Pages 71-94

The book (Dhail Mir’at Al-Zaman) of Al-Yunini (D. 726A.H./1325A.D.) one of the important public books in history which gathered mentioning the historical events and those characters who died yearly; thus this book contained a valuable historical material, and it ended up biographies of several characters in various specialties including characters from Mosul.
We have attempted through this research to introduce to the approach which Al-Yunini followed in his speech about biographies of the people of Mosul which estimated (15) characters; then this research was distinguished with several characteristics, and depended also on several sources namely: The written sources, oral narrations, and the unknown ones.

The problems in performance in educational theater

Mohammad Ismaeel AL-Taee

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 45, Pages 95-118

The current research details the problem in performance in educational theater and point to the importance of the performance and its rolls in educational theater even for children or professional .
The research include four chapters .the first included the importance and problem , aim ,limits and terms determination of the research ,the second chapters deals (the theoretical review) thought the (concept of the performance, educational theater) the third chapters talks about (procedures of the research) which include the results, conclusions, recommendation and suggestions .
One of the conclusion of this research is :
-The problems embodies with the children because they don't
Preparation themselves artistically for this shows.



Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 45, Pages 119-145

The research aims at identifying haw the students in Mosul city whether they were male or female invest their time and arranges the activities in summer holiday and shows the developing role of invested time.
The research find out that most of activities which students exploits their time achieved more than one development aim. Another activities depend on way of direction to be with or against development and there are a little of activities damage of development.