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Editor-in-chief: Assistant Professor Dr. Maysoon Thanoon al-'Abaychi

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Papermakers in Mosul during the Abbasid Ages From the fourth until the seventh century

maha S. hameed

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 46, Pages 1-20

The Arab-Islamic civilization marked by its development in variety of fields, especially the industry, and this reflected on the Craftsmanship of papermaking. Thus, appeared papermakers in every Islamic city, and they interested in Quran, religious books and literary works. Of those cities was Mosul. During our study of a period of four centuries, we found out that there were fifteen Mosulis worked in papermaking, manuscript-copying, book-binding, and embellishing books with gold.

The Mosuli Binu Al-Rawad and Their Political Role in Azerbaijan during the Two Centuries(4th-5th / 10th-11th A.H.)

Mohamad Nazar Al-Dabbagh

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 46, Pages 21-36

The current research has aimed into identifying the role of Binu Al-Rawad Alozdeih tribe who were originated from Mosul and migrated into Azerbaijan, founding one of the local families which has established its power in a certain part of Azerbaijan (located between Tabriz & Maragheh cities) a time when another states were establishing in the rest of the country during (4th-5th A.H. / 10th-11th A.D.), at the end they were decayed by the Seljuk

Hamdania Emirate in Mosul and its role to con Front Buyhids (334-380 AH / 945-990 AD)

Omar A. Saied

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 46, Pages 37-60

Emirates appeared in Iraq, namely, in Mosul and one of them is Al- Hamdania Emirate which undertook facing the Buwayhins because they dominated Mosul after they passed through Baghdad in (334A.H./ 945B.C.)and became rulers and their hands the reins of power, and push them to the collision forces and local, including Ahamdaon in Mosul, and this is what led to the intensification of the conflict between the parties, Ahamdaon he played a prominent role in confronting power Albuehih.

The study included twoaxes, including the first axis assets Hamdania and Albuehih, while the second axis was Zhorahamdanyen and Buyids as a military and political terms dealt Ahamdaon.The Mahoraliii guarantees the relations Hamdania Albuehih where the overall relationship is not fixed, because I knew the relations between the Hamdanis and Buyids courtship and the convergence of sympathy, then the spacing and separation and wars.

The Common Beliefs In Mosul and Baghdad at the late of the Ottoman Erauntil 1918(A Comparative Study)

ouruba Jameel Mahmood Othman

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 46, Pages 61-82

At the late of the Ottoman Era, both the Mosuli and Baghdadi communities had rooted beliefs in myths and legends, because of the ignorance of the two communities at the time the lack of medical treatment and the spread of illiteracy. they went to solve their problems tomagicians away from the true religion of Islam or to heal illnesses orto solve outstanding problems This research will tackle some customs traditions and superstations which adopted by both the Mosuliand Baghdadi communitiesat the time.

Movement of the prices in Mosul in the Ottoman era 1516- 1918

Ghassan walid aljawadi

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 46, Pages 83-102

A number of historians dealt with the economical and social of Mosul
city in the ottoman era 1516-1918 . this research is focused on both these aspects particularly the city witnessed instability in the prices up and down sometime for many reasons and its effect on life of people at the economical and social levels in addition to the attempts of the government and people to surmount this problem by finding the right solutions either via the competent functionary monitoring or an attempt of procurement of the raw materials under different circumstances.

Historical narrative of the incident Read the novel (the sword and the word) to Imad Eddin Khalil

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 46, Pages 103-116

References to the term Alsrdna subject (the subject) to the narrative. It is located the subject on the basis of what is fixed in Gaii variable, Vemoduah incident history as the incubator of history, is Gaúah abstract and non-mutant to the narrative, but it is operated by McElroy by trying to subdue the incident of space history to the space narrative pump advantages of new narrative in the origin of the story historically, perhaps the disintegration of the stability of the historical story and bring them back to a new space on the perceptions and in accordance with the terms of reference and the ideologies and social backgrounds of the narrator