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Publisher: Mosul Studies Center


Editor-in-chief: Assistant Professor Dr. Maysoon Thanoon al-'Abaychi

ISSN: 1815-8854



Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 47, Pages 1-18

The research aims at answering about questions the most important of which could the Mosuli individual adapt to the quick changes which accord in the city of Mosul after its decline in 2014? Could he re-adopt after liberation ? Did the circumstances of the variable life affect on the developmental individual s march?
One of the most prominent results of the research is that Mosuli individual has considerable flexibility to adopt to the sudden changes :but members of the society subjected to a considerable retraction in field of the social development

The role of private schools in developing the Educational process of their students AL- AWAEL private school as sample (A field study)

Hanaa jasim AL-Sabaawy

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 47, Pages 19-58

The research aims at identifinig the extent of the contribution of AL-AWAEL private school in developing the educational process for its students , through a field study applied to the school. The research found out that the school has contributed highly in developing the education process by providing a good educational environment suitable for its students ,as wellas modern teaching methods, plus modern educational instruments. All of these are factors contributed in the educational process in this school.

The meetings of yaqut AI-Hamawi with Authorities of Mosul to Whom he Wrote Biographies Through His Compositions

Maha S. Hameed

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 47, Pages 79-100

The subject of the scientific meetings has reflected an aspect of the Arab and Islamic civilization. It shed light on the altevnative effect which occur among the scientists in any of the Islamic cities.Thus,meetinas held among Yaqut Al-H amawi and the authorities of Mosul to ,whom he wrote biographies ,or to whom he pointed to in his compositions, were dealt with .Therefore ,this study showed that Yaqut Al-Hamawi has met with twelve authorities of Mosul who were resident in it or a broad, and that those meetings differentiated as to their contents in. information, indications, and importance.

The Effect of A Guiding Program in Slowing Down the School Violence Level for the First Intermediate Class Students

Mohammed Ahmed Khalaf

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 47, Pages 101-134

The current research aims at measuring the school violence and designing a guiding program to slow down violence level for first intermediate class students in the left side of Mosul City.
The research’s sample consists of (313) students of first intermediate class students distributed on a number of schools.
After applying the scale on these schools and making diagnosis process, two schools were selected (Al-Bar’a bin Malik) as an experimental group and (Dar Al-Salam Al-Thaniya) as a control group.
To achieve the research aim, the researched depended on the school violence scale prepared by (Sameera2011) which consists of (43) items distributed on three fields (verbal violence, real violence and symbolic violence) and each item has three alternatives (always, sometimes and never) and this achieved the aim of measuring school violence level for the students. To slow down the school violence for the students, the researcher designed a guiding program consists of (9) lessons, they were played on a number of experts of education and psychology, and it has high validity.
A number of results were achieved, one of it is that the guiding program which was designed led slow down the school violence level for the first intermediate class students, and in the light of the research results, a number of recommendations and suggestions were set

Designing A counseling Programme According to Alees's Theory to Modificate Day Dreams for Female Adolescents in the City of Mosul

Tamar Mohammed; Nada Fatah

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 47, Pages 135-160

1. Designing a programme according to Alees Theory to modificate day dreams for female adolescents in the city of Mosul.
2. Measuring the level of day dreams for female adolescents.
3. Investigating the impact of the counseling programme in modificating day dreams for female adolescents.
The null hypothesis indicates that there is no significant statistical difference between the mean scores of the experimental and control groups in post test concerning the day dreams scale. The research has been limited to first-year intermediate schools female students for the academic year 2017-2018.The researches depends on the experimental design of two equivalent groups. The sample consists of 30 female students 15 students for each group.
Concerning the instruments of the research the following have been prepared:
1. A scale for measuring day dreams has been selected after reviewing literatures. The scale prepared by (Karin Schermmelleh,2010) and consisted of 28 items. The scale has been translated by interpreter. The validity of translation has been fulfilled by giving the translated scale to a jury from English and Educational and psychological departments. The scale has been applied upon a pilot group to test the reliability by using test-re-test method.
2. The counseling programme:
The researches prepared 11 counseling meetings is regards to Alees's theory. The programme has been conducted from 5th. Dec. 2017 to 7th. Jan. 2018.
The day dreams scale has been applied before starting the experiment and at the end. The data has been analyzed by using (Pearson Correlation Coefficient Formula, Deserimination Formula and t-test for two independent groups). The findings show statistical difference between the mean scores of the two groups and for the benefit of the experimental group.This indicates the impact of the programme in modificating day dreams for female students.
In the light of those findings, the researches recommend to depend on the scale of day dreams, which has been translated, when conducting similar researches upon different samples. The researchers suggest to study day dreams in regards to other variables such as (features of personality, attention randomization… etc.)