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Ibn al-Lamsh (d. 620 A.H /1223 A.D) And Mosuli Biographies in his bookTarikh Dunaysir

Hanan A. Ali

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 49, Pages 23-44

Tarikh Dunaysir by Abu HafsOumar bin al-Khidar is considered one of the books that regarding the local histories. The book specialized in biographies concerning Quran memorizers, and Quran readers, Hadith scholars, Hakims, poets, in addition to scholars of Arabic grammar and linguistics.
As to Mosul, the purpose of the study is to clarify (16) Mosuli figures, and their biographies that mentioned by Abu Hafs in his book, came in Variety of forms. He wrote about some of them in great detail, and for the others, they dead in Mosul or studied there under its scholars (Religious sheikhs). These Mosuli biographies of historical significance because Abu Hafs met some of the biography-owners, and from them he took oral accounts that enriched his book in many fields.

Omayyads' Image in the TariKhAl-Mawsilby Al-Azdi (101-132A.H /720-749A.D)A political Study

Maha S. Hameed

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 49, Pages 45-64

This research tackles Omayyad Khalifs' Image according to al-Azdi, by introducing his negative impressions that he had created from his sources and narratives, apart from his positive impressions regarding Umar ibnAbd al-Aziz. Al-Azdi has given us, according to his book, an image concerning last seven Omayyad caliphs, who ruled from (101 to 132A.H / 720-749A,D)through Tarikh Al-Mawsilby Al-Azdi.

The impact of the Madrasah Al Nizamiyya in Baghdad on some Ulama of Mosul in Atabegs period (521-660 A.H/1127-1262 A.D)

Maysoon T. abayachy

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 49, Pages 65-86

This research is an attempt to study the relationship between Ulama of Mawsil and Al - Madrasa al Nizamiyya in Baghdad the reign during Atabegs of the Mosul, we can say that the most student from Mosul were studied in Baghdad .Al -Madrasa al Nizamiya of Baghdad occupied wide scientific fame in the Islamic world .That the Ulama vist it from different countries from Khorasan ,Damascus, Spain ,And here lie the importance of the research ,which concentrate on the notable Ulamas whom studied in this Madrasa and the impact of this School on the scientific movement in Mosul and aboard .

The Book of AKAM AL-MARĠAN FI DIKR AL-MADAAIN AL-MAŜHŪRAH FI KULL MAKAN to ISAAQ IBN AL-AUSAYN AL-MONNADJIM (D. 454 AH / 1062 AD) - A Descriptive Study for the city of Mosul

Mohamad N. Aldabbagh

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 49, Pages 87-100

The research aims to shed light on two issues: the first is the book" AKAAM AL-MARĠAN FI AAIKR AL-MADAAIN AL-MAŜHŪRAH FI KULL MAKAN" By ISAAQ IBN AL-AUSAYN AL-MONNADJIM (D.454 AH / 1062 A.D), because it hasn't studied before and there are only some extracts or using some texts for the book in academic and scientific researchers , and there are no information about its author and his life. This research is an attempt to bring to light the value of this book .The second issue is to clarify and analyzing the texts concerning the city of Mosul.

The concept of Citizenship After the Liberation of Mosul :Afield study in the of Mosul

Eman H. Rijab

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 49, Pages 101-120

The purpose of study is to identify the concept of citizenship among the individuals of the city of Mosul following the circumstances that they have passed in 2014 event. The researcher reached to certain conclusions such as; the citizenship has a role in the developing process of the society and its stability. So, the corruption، bribery and special interests all affect on the citizenship while the degree of individuals' seizing of citizenship and their duties is still strong. Furthermore; the events and conditions which the society underwent did not affect it and even did not affect on the feeling of citizenship.

Mosuli families Contributions to the Development of their Children's Occupational Ambitions (A Field Study)

Hanaa j. AL-Sabaawy

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 49, Pages 121-142

This research aims to identify how far the Mosuli families contribution to develop their children's ambitions professionally, and during the study of a budget that applied for sample Mosuli families, the research has found out that the Mosuli family has contributed in developing and guiding their sons' ambitions occupationally. The family is not the only factor that guiding those professional ambitions, but there are a number of variables such as technological developm

The Social interaction of deported families between the right and the left banks Field Study in Mosul City

Dalya T. Abdulfatah

Derasat Mosulia Journal, 2018, Volume 11, Issue 49, Pages 143-160

This focal point of this topic is about the social interaction regarded as one of the most important matters characterized by the social life. Hence, if a social action and reaction happens, indefinitely a social interaction will occur including an impact on an individual and a society. Among the aspects of such an interaction are cooperation, adaptation, competition and struggle. The social stance and the social conditions determine the shape that will be taken by the social interaction. The conditions and events in 2017 passed by Mosul City resulted in deporting families into various zones. Some of these families deported from the right bank of Mosul City to the left one. Consequently, this case led to create social stances which later led to constitute a new pattern of social interaction with various shapes. This research aims at uncovering the reality of social interaction of deported families between the right and left banks of Mosul City and determining the prominent aspect of interaction. To achieve this aim, the research dependson sociolgical scan included (50) samples of families. The researcher used sample method by using quistionnar method which isdistrbuted to subject of families, precentage, arthmet mean, standard mean, standard deviation were used to the inpovmation and analysisit. fheoretical frames, in addition to
1-the field study The research has concluded the following results They have been the social relationships suffering from the bad treatment arising due to shortage of incomes and uncomfortable houses.
2- They have made new friendly relationships.
3- The research proves that living commonly participates in enhancing the social relationships .